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Hunters Beach, Acadia National Park, Maine

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Submissions (and a quick story of my own)

As we headed past the last rocky islands on the recently restored 105' schooner Malabar, I had no idea what I was in for. The land behind shrunk to nothing. The waves were still building. After three days alternately motoring and drifting through the Gulf of Maine in 6'-10' seas, as our engine cut out every hour and our perfectly furled sails (too big for our skeleton crew to handle) remained useless, as salt water sloshed around the deck constantly, as I puked my guts out, I began to realize I was not a blue-water sailor.

I wasn't much of a deckhand that trip. But every moment — from watching an enormous finback whale surface right alongside us after midnight under a stunningly bright moon; to seeing a pod of hundreds of Atlantic white-sided dolphins leap towards the gray sky over the angry ocean; to feeling the calm behind Cape Cod after three days of torment on the open sea — every moment is still with me.

A traveler always has a story to tell. No matter what happens, there are unforgettable experiences, beautiful images, a compelling cast and, of course, plenty of self-discovery. Challenging, unfamiliar places can show us as much about ourselves as the world at large.

Collected Travels is an anthology devoted to the exciting, unfamiliar and sometimes life-changing experiences that happen when we leave the life we know to explore, discover, learn and grow.

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